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  5. iPhone 4G: leaked phone sparks turnaround in smartfans' expectations

iPhone 4G: leaked phone sparks turnaround in smartfans' expectations

iPhone 4G: leaked phone sparks turnaround in smartfans' expectations

If you believe everything you read, you’d think that over the last six months the iPhone has gone from hero to zero. That’s an impression compounded by Fandroids the world over crowing over the industry-leading high-end specs of their HTC Desire smarties and a slew of reviews from design-fixated types who’ve declared the Legend a better looking handset.

A consumer poll we conducted back in April to assess how expectations of the handset was proof positive, or so it seemed, that once-loyal Apple fanboys were falling out of love with iPhones. And how.

Of those quizzed, 32% said they expected the new iPhone to be ‘a mediocre update to the 3G’. 16% of participants were even less convinced of the handset’s prospects, forecasting that it would be ‘a damp squib’.

Meanwhile, 26% of the sample is anticipating a phone that is ‘good but nothing spectacular’. Worryingly, for its manufacturer just 16% said they were expecting the mobile to be ‘amazing’.

Fast forward a few weeks, though, and it’s a very different picture.

Since then a prototype of the iPhone had leaked in the press, which revealed a specs sheet that ticked every box going.

Most importantly the new phone showed that Apple had listened to customer feeback over the shortcomings of earlier editions – such as disappointing battery life and sub-par imaging capabilities - and had put things right.

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Now, judging by the seeming turnaround in public opinion, it’s set the scene for Cupertino to re-establish itself at the top of the high-end handset hierarchy.

A second poll we ran after the 4G turned up in a California bar bore this out. Asked which aspect of the soon-to-come iPhone they were most looking forward to, 15 per cent cited the new, larger battery. In the same study, 14 per cent and 25 per cent of participants respectively applauded the front-facing camera and addition of flash.

Whether the groundswell of support will be enough for Apple to sustain its number one spot in the smartie sector is another matter. But it’s fair to say that Android and HTC almost certainly won’t be having it all their own way this year.

For more information about our iPhone polls, head to our press room to read the full release.

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