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  5. iPhone in line for official Twitter app

iPhone in line for official Twitter app

iPhone in line for official Twitter app

Micro blogging service Twitter appears to be in the process of bringing its own official iPhone app to the App Store, it has emerged.

Twitter recently bought up the developer behind the popular iPhone app Tweetie, which has since been taken down from the App Store, presumably in anticipation of the launch of an officially branded edition.

Observers now expect it to hit the App Store within a week, pending approval from the market's gatekeepers.

Owners of the Apple iPad might also be getting a supersized Twitter app, according to TechCrunch, but there is currently no official confirmation of the company's plans.

Twitter has previously committed to official apps to support the iPhone and iPad, so its imminent arrival will be highly anticipated by microbloggers and celebrity stalkers everywhere.

Twitter has flourished thanks to the third party smartphone apps that allow mobile tweeting from around the globe and it has certainly been sluggish to get its official apps out there, choosing to buy up existing software and give it a quick re-brand rather than building its own from the ground up.

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