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  5. Next iPhone could get HD video capture

Next iPhone could get HD video capture

Next iPhone could get HD video capture

The highly anticipated next generation iPhone might come with the ability to shoot video in high definition, according to the latest information gleaned from leaked operating system (OS) code.

This news has stimulated discussion as to the potential name for the next iPhone, which many had assumed would use the '4G' suffix to point to its fourth generation credentials. However, the argument for it becoming the "iPhone HD" is rather stronger than it may have been in the past.

Routing around in the software development kit (SDK) for the next iPhone OS' camera has uncovered an interesting value, namely: "AVCaptureSessionPreset1280x720". This is the best indication that HD video capture will be present in the next iPhone's feature list, according to MacRumours.

This discovery is by no means confirmation of HD video recording for the next iPhone, as any operating system can be littered with bits of code that are linked to features that may have been canned during development.

However, it does mean that there is a possibility that Apple could update the iPhone 4G/HD with this feature in the future, even if it is not included at launch.

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