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  5. ReBirth audio app comes to iPhone

ReBirth audio app comes to iPhone

ReBirth audio app comes to iPhone

The ReBirth app for the iPhone has been launched, bringing many of the features which made the sound editor and synthesising software popular during the 1990s.

Software developer Propellerhead has said that no other app offers the full scale functionality of its desktop equivalent, although the software in question was originally developed back in 1997 and so is not entirely state of the art compared to modern desktop suites.

ReBirth is an app for lovers of dance music in all of its variants, as it emulates various pieces of equipment from drum machines to musical synthesisers.

Audio can be looped into patterns and manipulated using the iPhone's touchscreen display for intuitive interaction.

ReBirth should be available to download from the App Store for about £5.50 and it comes with support for user-generated modifications, of which there are five preloaded to play with and enjoy.

Since this app represents Propellerhead's first foray into the world of the iPhone, it sought the help of US developer The Retronyms.

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