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Rolls-Royce launches iPhone app

Rolls-Royce launches iPhone app

The Rolls-Royce app for the iPhone has arrived, offering car enthusiasts the chance to customise a virtual version of their favourite model.

At the moment the app is geared towards promoting the brand new Rolls-Royce Ghost, although there is no reason that the modification capabilities of the app could not be turned to other classic vehicles in the future.

iPhone owners who download the app will be able to alter the colour of the paint, the style of the alloy wheels, the interior trim and other features including the material used for the drop top's roof.

The inside of the Ghost can be decked out in a frankly astonishing selection of eight different types of leather, complimented by variations of wood for that true luxury finish.

Once you have customised the Ghost to taste using the app, it can be saved to the iPhone for showing off later, or for quick alterations when you have some inspiration.

No promotional app would be complete without some additional media content and the Rolls-Royce app includes videos and pictures of the Ghost, as well as the vital statistics of the vehicle over which to drool.

The app is free to download from the App Store if you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch. Sadly the car has a slightly higher price tag.

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