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  5. Room mate tipster involved in iPhone 4G scandal

Room mate tipster involved in iPhone 4G scandal

Room mate tipster involved in iPhone 4G scandal

The roommate of the young man who found the iPhone 4G prototype in a bar and then sold it to the highest bidder has been revealed as the person who informed both the police and Apple.

The authorities were only able to locate the person responsible once the finder's roommate made contact in order to avoid potential prosecution for the events which had seen the iPhone 4G being unveiled to the world over a month before Apple had intended.

An improbable series of events followed Katherine Martinson's call to Apple security chief Rick Orloff, with court documents showing that the police performed a search that resulted in their retrieving a PC from a place of worship and a memory stick concealed in some foliage.

The hastily removed serial numbers that identified the iPhone prototype were later found in the car park of a petrol station, topping off a very odd day at the office for California's finest lawmen.

Tech site Gizmodo is believed to have paid nearly £3,500 for the prototype, although Ms Martinson maintains that nearly £5800 is closer to the amount actually received by her roommate.

A total of three charges are believed to have been brought against editor Jason Chen, including destruction of property, receipt of stolen goods and a breach of trade secrets legislation.

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