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Sonic 4 heading for iPhone

Sonic 4 heading for iPhone

Sega has announced that franchise reboot Sonic 4 will miss its release deadline, but on the upside it has confirmed that iPhone users will be getting their own version.

Every major home console is getting the first 2D Sonic game for over a decade and its summer launch date has been passed over in favour of a vague period "in late 2010", according to an official Sega blog post.

You can already get your retro Sonic kicks on the iPhone thanks to the recently launched Sonic 2 port, but for a modern twist on the series it looks as though you will have to wait a few months.

Sonic never found success when he moved into the third dimension, with lacklustre titles representing a barren spell for fans of the nippy hedgehog. However, by following in Mario's footsteps and returning to the 2D world, Sega is hoping that a rebirth of the series will be initiated.

It is interesting to see that Sega is not launching Sonic 4 on any of the established handhelds such as the Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. The iPhone and the iPod Touch are the only portable systems to get the game whenever its release date is confirmed, showing that the App Store is a powerful platform in the eyes of mainstream developers.

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