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  5. Vodafone backtracks on data charges

Vodafone backtracks on data charges

Vodafone backtracks on data charges

Vodafone customers who go over their monthly mobile data allowance will not be affected by the decision to scrap unlimited mobile internet plans for several months, it has been announced.

Earlier in the week it emerged that the network is canning its unlimited data deal and replacing it with strictly enforced allowance limits.

Anyone going over the limit could incur a charge, something that has prompted an angry response from customers.

For its part, Vodafone has stressed that the charges will only be enforced as a last resort, with the minority who exceed their limits being coached on ways in which to reduce usage or simply being switched to more generous data plans.

A spokesperson told Tech Radar: "In June we'll be introducing a free text service to tell our contract customers when they're approaching the upper limit of their data bundle.

"As the vast majority of our mobile internet subscribers (more than 97 per cent) never reach the limit they will not be receiving the text alerts at all."

Observers believe that this move is intended to help Vodafone identify those users with the heaviest data requirements.

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