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Apple facing ads patent investigation

Apple facing ads patent investigation

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) appears set to look into the iAd service that Apple has proposed in order to determine whether or not it is anti-competitive.

iAd will effectively kick Apple's major rivals out of the iPhone market altogether and, as a result, the FTC and the US Justice Department have been attempting to decide which of them should head up an in-depth analysis as to the potential ramifications of this move.

Experts predict that the mobile ad market will be worth nearly £340 million by the end of 2010 and the FTC will be examining whether Apple's alterations to its developer policies and the introduction of iAd will eradicate competition, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

Google and its subsidiary AdMob are set to be the biggest losers as a result of Apple's actions and both firms have said that their platforms would effectively be inaccessible from Apple's major devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch.

iAd will become active from July and it will facilitate in-app advertisements of which any developer can take advantage. So far Apple has not responded to the criticisms or questions over a potential investigation and the FTC has been equally quiet.

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