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  5. Average iPhone data use is below 500MB

Average iPhone data use is below 500MB

Average iPhone data use is below 500MB

Although it is often portrayed as network hog, the iPhone is actually having less of an impact that you might think, a survey suggests.

According to a report carried out by MacFormat, 81 per cent of iPhone owners use 500MB or less every month - which coincidentally is the monthly cap introduced last week by O2 on its iPhone contracts.

Close to 1000 iPhone owners took part in the survey by sharing the data use they had accumulated over recent months. On average, the majority got through just 221MB, with only the top one per cent exceeding 500MB.

The Apple news specialist discounted the one per cent of users who used over 10GB of data each month because these owners were likely to have hacked their phones and then tethered them to a PC to get mobile internet access.

Chris Phin of MacFormat said: "Four in five people use less than 500MB a month and only one in ten use more data than O2's standard plans allow for.

"If you want more, pay more. As it happens, however, most people were surprised to see how little data they'd actually used."

Although the survey's results are interesting, the arrival of video calling on the iPhone 4 might see the average usage rise considerably.

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