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  5. Developers experience iPhone 4 display

Developers experience iPhone 4 display

Developers experience iPhone 4 display

Apple has integrated an iPhone 4 Retina Display simulator into the new development software that allows third-party firms to create apps for the new iOS 4 operating system (OS).

The 320x480 standard resolution of the original iPhone is dwarfed by the 640x960 native screen setting that the iPhone 4 can support and Apple has made sure that developers will be able to appreciate just how their iOS 4 apps will appear on the new smartphone using the software development kit (SDK).

Developers have already provided sample shots of the simulator in action, with comparisons between the older iPhone resolution and the pin sharp images which will be produced by the Retina Display of the iPhone 4.

Although text and images viewable in the iPhone's Safari browser appear much sharper, the logos and other content which are supplied by websites will need to be scaled up in order to avoid looking blurry and ugly, according to Apple Insider.

The iPhone 4's onscreen keypad is shown to be crisp and highly defined when compared directly to that of the original, which means that typing will be a more pleasant if not more accurate experience.

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