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iPhone 4 app selection begins

iPhone 4 app selection begins

Apple has begun accepting app submissions in preparation for the launch of the latest iteration of the iPhone in ten days time.

Apple has sent out a blanket email to developers announcing that it will be looking into all updated apps or brand new programs based on the overhauled iOS 4 software, with the intention being that the first selection will launch in tandem with the iPhone 4.

iOS 4 is arriving before the iPhone 4 itself for existing iPhone 3G and 3G S owners, with the new phone hitting shops on June 24th.

The multitasking capabilities of the iOS 4 platform are its most anticipated attribute, with many excited by the prospect of keeping multiple apps open at the same time.

During the iPhone 4 launch at the WWDC 2010 event, Apple's Steve Jobs said that 95 per cent of all app submissions are given the thumbs up within a week, which is a claim that should be put under pressure by the inevitable flood of submissions that will pour in over the next few days,

Standout features of the iPhone 4 include a five megapixel camera, video calling via the FaceTime app and a super-high resolution display.

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