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  5. iPhone 4 causes second-hand scramble

iPhone 4 causes second-hand scramble

iPhone 4 causes second-hand scramble

The number of people selling their previous generation iPhones jumped by 1000 per cent after Apple announced the imminent arrival of the iPhone 4, it has been claimed.

Analyst firm Gazelle measured the meteoric rise in trade-in volumes over the last week. It seems that the iPhone 4 is blazing a trail that exceeds even that of the 3G S, which launched a year ago and caused only a modest 100 per cent leap in trade-in activity.

Currently - and perhaps not altogether surprisingly - the iPhone 3G S 16GB is the most popular trade.

"3G S in general are representing 65 per cent of trades, which is much higher than we thought it would be," said Gazelle's Kristina Kennedy.

Gazelle said that in the week running up to the iPhone 4's announcement, only 25 people had traded in their old model.

The company is now predicting that the price of used iPhones will fall as a result of the high demand for trade-ins.

Ms Kennedy commented: "Last year, prices dropped by about 50 per cent the week after the announcement [and] we expect the same thing to happen this year -- with offer values dropping rapidly during next week and the following."

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