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iPhone 4 dock spotted

iPhone 4 dock spotted

Alongside the launch of the iPhone 4 yesterday, Apple unveiled a range of accessories for its new baby. And rather smart they are too.

Chief among these is a newly designed dock for charging, syncing and generally showing-off your new steel and glass masterpiece on your desktop. While the new dock isn't yet listed in Apple's store, and there is no indication of pricing, we managed to track down this shot of how said accessory will eventually look:

iphone 4 dock

Also revealed yesterday were a collection of Apple-designed cases for the iPhone 4 referred to as iPhone "bumpers". The design of the case is somewhat unconventional, consisting of a coloured rubber rim that clips around the edge of the iPhone with no screen protector or back panel.

The bumpers come in a rainbow of fruity colours - orange, pink, lime green and sky blue - as well as the more conventional (read boring) black and white.

iphone 4 cases new

While the effectiveness of the bumpers of shielding the iPhone from dust, dirt, cracks and drops has yet to be tested, the new accessory certainly takes the edge off the hard, masculine handwriting of the latest superphone.

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