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iPhone 4 iMovie detailed

iPhone 4 iMovie detailed

Details of the iMovie video editing software which will be bundled with the iPhone 4 have begun to emerge on the internet.

According to a report from Apple fan site TibBITS, the app will be able to transfer video that has been captured using another gadget onto the iPhone 4 and then edit it in with other footage using iMovie.

The only proviso where this is concerned is that the clip shares the H.264 format which is used by the iPhone 4.

It will be possible to download iMovie from the App Store on the day of the iPhone 4's launch, which means June 24th could be a significant day for all budding film makers and Apple fans.

Other reports suggest that the iMovie app on the iPhone 4 will not be compatible with its Mac-based equivalent, which means all of users' editing will need to be completed before they export and finalise any project.

An iPad version of iMovie is on the way, but it looks as though the iPhone will be the sole portable device for this app for the time being.

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