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  5. iPhone 4: Orange gives out microSIM adaptors

iPhone 4: Orange gives out microSIM adaptors

iPhone 4: Orange gives out microSIM adaptors

Orange iPhone 4 customers will be given a free adaptor to enable them to use their microSIMs with other smartphones and other 3G-enabled gadgets.

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The carrier revealed it will be giving away the simple, plastic adaptor into which the microSIM is inserted to make it compatible with other devices, with every purchase via its Twitter feed.

This will allow users to take full advantage of their monthly mobile data allowance by switching between devices as and when they need to get online.

O2, whose site’s iPhone pages show a microSIM encased within the adaptor alongside a description of how microSIMs differ from standard SIM cards, is believed to be planning a similar move.

However, according to a report from Pocket Lint is likely that O2 will only supply the adaptor to customers who drop into its retail outlets rather than sending it to buyers by post, as is the case with Orange.

Vodafone, 3 and T-Mobile have yet to confirm whether they will follow Orange’s lead and give out adaptors, which retail online for between £2.50 and just over £5.

News of UK carriers' latest plans comes days ahead of the official launch of the fourth edition of the iPhone on June 24th, with demand expected to far outstrip supply for weeks after it goes on sale.

O2 yesterday confirmed that only existing customers can expect to buy the phone on the first day of release due to the severe stock shortages.

The phone improves on earlier editions with the inclusion of video calling via Apple’s official new FaceTime app, HD video recording, longer battery life and a five megapixel camera.

A powerful 1GHz processor is also onboard and combines with the new iteration of Apple’s operating system to allow iPhone 4 owners to use multiple applications simultaneously.

To enhance the touchscreen mobile gaming experience, Apple has installed a gyroscope to give players greater control. At 9.3mm thick, the handset is the slimmest smartphone yet.

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