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iPhone 4 to join 3 line up

iPhone 4 to join 3 line up

All five major UK mobile network providers have now confirmed that they will be carrying the iPhone 4, with the news that 3 has joined O2, Vodafone, Orange and Virgin Media at the Apple smartphone party.

3 has announced that it will begin the pre-order process for the iPhone 4 on the 15th of June and that it will definitely be launching the mobile on the 24th of the same month, which is the date on which its international roll-out is to begin.

Thus far, with the exception of O2, the networks are keeping quiet as to pricing and talk plans for the iPhone. O2 is also the s sole carrier to confirm that it will allow current iPhone customers to upgrade to Apple's next smartphone.

However, O2 customers who want to get out of their current deals will have to pay for the privilege, with a £20 fee being levied against every remaining month on the contract.

Most observers believe that the networks will being competing for iPhone 4 customers closer to the full launch date and with every UK provider onboard, it could become a real bidding war.

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