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iPhone 4G screen specs revealed

iPhone 4G screen specs revealed

Apple's next iPhone has been subjected to further scrutiny after another leaked 4G handset apparently made it into the hands of the media, with attention focused on the capabilities of the display.

Some had hoped that Apple would be using an OLED touchscreen display, similar to those that the likes of Samsung and HTC have been implementing in competing smartphones, but analysis of a leaked iPhone 4G has revealed that it will be sticking with LCD technology.

The native resolution of the screen was measured and is said to be 640x960, which looks strange when compared to the standard WVGA resolution of 800x640 used in the likes of the Nexus One and a host of other smartphones.

More pixels in the same space means a sharper image can be displayed, suggesting that the iPhone 4G might well live up to its alternative HD name tag.

By upping the native resolution to four times that of the current iPhone 3G S, Apple is going to be putting a lot more pressure on the iPhone 4G's processor and this will in turn require more battery power to keep everything running smoothly.

The Czech-based SuperiPhone site got its hands on the leaked device and shortly afterwards a video of the iPhone 4G in a state of partial completion turned up via a Portuguese page, showing that there is still a strong appetite for iPhone rumours even as the official launch looms.

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