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iPhone gets Vuvuzela apps

iPhone gets Vuvuzela apps

Vuvuzelas, the cheap plastic horns which have been plaguing World Cup watchers with their incessant drone, are now available in virtual iPhone app-form.

As of today, 11 apps which recreate the Vuvuzela's signature whine are available from the App Store and the most popular has been downloaded by three quarter of a million iPhone owners.

The first Vuvuzela app to arrive on the App Store appeared in September 2009 and the eleventh was only added last week. The apps generally make use of the iPhone's microphone, requiring the user to blow into it in order to begin the trumpeting.

Android users need not feel left out as developers have already come up with equivalent apps for Google's popular platform.

Although many have complained about the Vuvzelas during the 2010 World Cup, there is no chance of a ban, according to tournament organiser Rich Mkhondo.

"Vuvuzelas are here to stay and will never be banned. It's part of our culture, so embrace it," he said.

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