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  5. iPhone heart monitor developed to prevent theft

iPhone heart monitor developed to prevent theft

iPhone heart monitor developed to prevent theft

A plan to allow iPhones to monitor the user's pulse to lock out everyone but the official owner is being put into motion by Apple.

This news is based on recent patents filed by the US firm and although more specific uses for health monitoring and fitness fanatics will also become a key feature, the more general application in day to day use as an automatic locking and unlocking method could be an impressive addition to the iPhone's arsenal of features.

In order to use the technology, users would need to synchronise their heartbeat with the iPhone's memory so that recognises their unique pattern when picking up the phone.

Previous complex methods for unlocking a mobile, such as numeric keys and onscreen diagram drawing, will be a thing of the past if this new biometric technology becomes standardised.

"The heart sensor and processor can detect and process the user's cardiac activity at any suitable time. The processor can receive and process heart activity when a user slides a finger across the display to unlock the device," said the Apple patent application.

Later in the patent, Apple mentions that the biometric monitor might also be used to help shuffle music into a playlist that fits people's current levels of physical exertion.

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