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iPhone penetrates business market

iPhone penetrates business market

The market for business smartphones, traditionally the preserve of Research in Motion's (RIM) BlackBerry range, could soon be dominated by iPhones.

Thus far the expense of the iPhone has been a key barrier in preventing its use in businesses. Managers are also worried that the sheer volume of distracting apps could reduce productivity.

However, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal from January next year 70 per cent of the largest businesses in the world could be rolling out the iPhone to their employees, as this is the current figure that known to be experimenting with the smartphone as a replacement or alternative choice to BlackBerry models.

The report stated: "Microstrategy Inc., which makes business-intelligence software, plans to deploy more iPhones to employees and only replace BlackBerrys when they break.

"The company has 1,000 BlackBerrys and 400 iPhones, including 200 purchased by employees."

Meanwhile, US network provider AT&T currently attributes 40 per cent of its iPhone sales to corporate clients, as take-up from business users continues to rise.

AT&T's Ron Spears commented:"Enterprises today view the iPhone as a mobile computer. It happens to have a voice application on it.

"But what's important is what you can do with it and the way you can mobilize workforces and specific parts of your workforce, not the entire workforce."

It is believed that RIM has remained relevant when it comes to emailing, but in other areas its software has stagnated whilst Apple has innovated and made its product far more appealing.

Apple has also been working hard to reduce the risk of data loss and theft from iPhones and it is now easier to access Exchange based mail systems from the iPhone, both of which add to its business appeal.

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