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  5. Final Fantasy Tactics coming to iPhone

Final Fantasy Tactics coming to iPhone

Final Fantasy Tactics coming to iPhone

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is on the way to Apple smartphones, after debuting on Sony's PlayStation Portable.

Hiroaki Iwano of game developers Square Enix said that he had overcome initial reservations that the iPhone was not a suitable platform for the title, due to its small display compared with dedicated portable games consoles.

He commented: "I saw a lot of comments by fans on Facebook and Twitter that they longed for its release on iPhone. I was very encouraged to make this game available on this new platform and I didn't want to disappoint the fans.

"Even though I always thought that the touchscreen was a better fit for Simulation RPGs over a controller, I was concerned by the screen size of iPhone since it looks too small to play the game comfortably.

"However [...] I can confidently present 'Final Fantasy Tactics' for iPhone as the ''Final Fantasy Tactics' with the most comfortable playability."

It is true that some mainstream game developers have felt inhibited by the touchscreen-only interface upon which the iPhone relies and implementation of accelerometer controls has also been patchy.

However, it is clear that developers are learning to work with these aspects to create unique gaming experiences and the confidence of Square Enix in its latest Final Fantasy iPhone game is encouraging.

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