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  5. Vodafone iPhone 4 tariff deals confirmed

Vodafone iPhone 4 tariff deals confirmed

Vodafone iPhone 4 tariff deals confirmed

Vodafone has released its tariffs for the iPhone 4, days after they were apparently leaked on a website test page.

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All 18 and 24-month contracts for both iterations of the handset include a monthly mobile internet allowance of 1GB per month and the same amount of usage for BT Openzone WiFi hotspots. Price plans over £40 also feature 5MB of European data roaming per day.

Vodafone’s cheapest monthly contract for the iPhone 4 16GB edition is £25 per month over 24 months, with a charge of £219 for the device. As well as the 1GB of web access, this includes 75 minutes, 250 texts.

The 32GB version of Apple's latest smartphone is also available on a £25 per month deal, with the same monthly allowances. However, buyers will be liable for a higher charge of £309 for the handset.

To get the 16GB iteration for free, Vodafone customers will have to commit to a £60 per month, two-year deal.

Vodafone’s tethering – the practice of using a smartphone as a mobile broadband dongle to get online with laptops and other internet-enabled devices – prices are £5 for 500MB, £10 for 1.5GB and £15 for 3GB.

The network’s data allowances look to be perhaps the most attractive so far. By way of comparison, O2 this week replaced its unlimited usage iPhone contracts with limits of 500MB per month on its cheaper tariffs.

Orange, meanwhile, has retained unlimited in its advertising. However, in effect their iPhone customers are limited to 750MB per month.

3 and T-Mobile are now the only iPhone 4 carriers yet to break cover with their pricing. However, T-Mobile’s commercial alignment with Orange suggests that there will be scant, if any, difference between their offerings.

The latest developments leave 3 well placed to make a splash when it finally comes to market with its own contracts, especially in the light of fresh rumours today that it is planning to undercut its rivals. Such an approach would be in line with 3’s positioning in the market as a low-cost carrier.

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