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  5. App smuggles tethering onto iPhone

App smuggles tethering onto iPhone

App smuggles tethering onto iPhone

Developers have apparently sneaked the ability to enable iPhone tethering past Apple's approval process by hiding it in the code of an innocuous flashlight app.

See the app in action in the clip below

The Handy Light app is less than a pound on the App Store, but a video was swiftly posted online outlining how users can access the proxy tethering abilities which were buried inside the app.

Obviously it was not long until Apple realised the Trojan nature of the app and removed it from the store, but the fact that it even made it that far in the first place is worthy of note.

The tethering capabilities were not mentioned anywhere in the material related to the app, which is not in itself contrary to Apple's rules, because developers are allowed to hide features from users as long as they are declared to Apple in the submissions package.

However, the team behind the app did not inform Apple as to its clandestine potential and was unceremoniously removed.

Handy Light quickly gained a following and it was downloaded by enough iPhone owners to get it to number two on the paid-for app charts, but its removal put paid to any further success.

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