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Apple bid for Palm revealed

Apple bid for Palm revealed

Ailing smartphone firm Palm found itself pulled out of the deep end when electronics manufacturer HP bought it earlier in the year, but it now appears that iPhone maker Apple was also poised to bid.

Apple was partially interested in Palm because it wanted to take control of its patents, but it allegedly planned to retain the firm and its brand as a separate entity even after it became an asset.

Apple had wanted to build up Palm as a direct rival to Research in Motion (RIM), with new business smartphones sporting physical QWERTY keypads facing off against the BlackBerry range.

RIM had itself expressed interest in purchasing Palm and there was clearly a chance for both to benefit from such a deal, according to a source quoted on Gizmodo.

HP eventually outbid all of its rivals, including Google, which had its eye on Palm's patents, but would probably have put an end to the manufacturing side of its business.

There is plenty of speculation as to what steps Apple would have taken after acquiring Palm, with some saying that it could well be planning a full QWERTY smartphone to rival the BlackBerry in the near future.

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