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Apple fixes iPhone 4 sensor fault

Apple fixes iPhone 4 sensor fault

Apple has tackled the problems with the iPhone 4's proximity sensor in an update to the iOS 4 platform, it has been claimed.

A beta release of iOS 4.1 has apparently been seen by app developers and early reports suggest that Apple has succeeded in confronting the unresponsiveness of the iPhone 4's proximity sensor.

Steve Jobs, Apple Chief Executive Officer, has previously said that a software update will address the issue and now various media outlets, including Cult of Mac, are confirming that a beta update has made the necessary software changes.

However, not all sites are confident that a fix has been found, as some iPhone 4 models seem little different after updating.

The truth will only come out once Apple has published the details of the improvements which it has made with iOS 4.1 Beta 2.

Earlier this month, it was announced that all iPhone 4 owners are to be given free bumpers to remedy a separate problem with the handset's antenna.

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