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Apple outlines iAd rules

Apple outlines iAd rules

The first set of rules that will govern which apps Apple accepts into its iAd program have been released, causing concern that many developers will have their creations turned away.

Apparently if an ad window does not get filled, then an app may be rejected, which will essentially mean that ads will be sparse in availability but high in demand once the iAd platform gets into full swing.

The Cupertino giant has stated that will not accept apps that come with blank areas where iAd content should be if the developer fails to secure sponsorship.

In this event, the app will be "returned to you by the App Review Team for modification before it can be posted to the App Store".

Apple stated: "If you have dedicated a section of your app for an iAd, it's important to incorporate a banner view delegate that will handle common events, including errors.

"Having the proper delegate to handle errors maintains the visual experience customers have with ads in your app by preventing a blank banner from being displayed when ads are not available."

Apple is clearly concerned that iAd will appear broken if users are frequently presented with blank bars. The iAd rules will result in the removal or refusal of any apps that fall short of this requirement rather than risk the reputation of the service.

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