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  5. Consumers put off by iPhone 4 problems

Consumers put off by iPhone 4 problems

Consumers put off by iPhone 4 problems

Over a quarter of Britons have lost interest in buying an iPhone 4 due to its much-publicised reception problems, it has been revealed.

A study conducted by Opinium Research found that 26 per cent of people polled are no longer as interested in buying the handset in the wake of reports of dropped calls as a result of a design flaw with its antenna.

Among those who already own an iPhone 3G S, almost half said they now plan to stick with their current phone or upgrade to one of the many smartphones touted as iPhone 4 rivals.

Some 43 per cent of the sample had previously held Apple in high regard, claiming that it had altered the general public's perception of what a mobile phone should offer to its user.

James Endersby of Opinium stated: "With 90 per cent of iPhone owners stating that they are satisfied with the level of service they receive, it's interesting to compare how few people would now purchase an iPhone after the media attention surrounding the antenna fiasco.

"Our research shows that by not dealing with a such a major issue well through the media, that brands, no matter how big, can have their profile dented in the public's eye."

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