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  5. Glass fascias 'delaying white iPhone 4'

Glass fascias 'delaying white iPhone 4'

Glass fascias 'delaying white iPhone 4'

Apple has been unable to release the white edition of the iPhone 4 because of a problem with the production and supply of the glass coverings which sit on both sides of the smartphone, it has been suggested.

Glass manufacturer Lens Tech has been involved in the production of the special glass for the iPhone 4, but it seems that Apple has thus far been unhappy with all of the results produced by overlaying the glass on the white iPhone 4.

The glass needs to be able to hold the right hue without also being excessively thick so as not to hinder the capacitive technology involved in the touchscreen.

Thus far Lens Tech has not achieved the right balance in the coating and, as such, it has been sent back to the drawing board as Apple seeks refinement.

The demand for the white iPhone 4 is set to be high and Lens Tech is allegedly unable to meet the full order from Apple, settling for 50 per cent of the total requested glass panels, according to Engadget.

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