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  5. Hackers target iPhone App Store users

Hackers target iPhone App Store users

Hackers target iPhone App Store users

Controversy is building after iPhone owners were targeted by hackers, with their iTunes and App Store accounts exploited to allow the criminals to make purchases.

The culprits have largely exploited the iBook app, apparently making purchases of books from a developer known as Thuat Nguyen.

In some cases individual users were unknowingly investing hundreds of pounds into products from this developer and the surge in sales caused 42 of the top 50 books to be attributed to it.

A MacRumours forum user said: "Yesterday my credit union contacted me saying there was suspicious activity on my debit card.

"Sure enough over 10 transactions in the [£26-£33] area all on iTunes equalling to [£368]."

Some believe that all apps and music services have been affected, not just the iBook service and the loss could be significant if it impacts at the international scale currently being suggested.

Apple has not released a statement in relation to these alleged hacks, although it will no doubt respond soon as it could not risk adding to the collective corporate embarrassment being fuelled by the iPhone 4 signal issues.

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