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Ikea launches iPhone app for kids

Ikea launches iPhone app for kids

Whilst the adults shop for flat pack furniture at an Ikea store, the kids can keep themselves entertained using the new Ikea-branded iPhone app designed for a young audience.

This may not be Ikea's intention, as the Lekar app hopes to "get parents and children to play actively together." It contains various games from different international locations and is the result of Ikea's Playreport study, which analysed the effects of playing games on family life.

Charades and Musical Chairs are amongst the best-known games available on the Lekar app, but lesser known titles such as In-Between, which is essentially hide and seek with the iPhone as the hidden treasure, are also present.

Many developers have produced iPhone apps that are designed for children, although this is probably the first that encourages a more active style of play.

Whether parents will be willing to hide their expensive smartphones is yet to be seen, but it is certainly an interesting concept which deserves a look given that it is free to download from the App Store.

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