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  5. iPhone 4 antenna woes un-patchable?

iPhone 4 antenna woes un-patchable?

iPhone 4 antenna woes un-patchable?

Customer service representatives from Apple have told users complaining about the iPhone 4's grip-related signal dropping issues that a firmware update will not act as a remedy.

The AppleCare employees said that left handed holding of the iPhone 4 in a manner than bridges a particular portion of the lower left of the smartphone will continue to hamper its ability to make and receive calls or transfer data wirelessly.

Customer services were contacted on three separate occasions by tech site Gizmodo and the sole instruction was to "hold the phone differently" in order to avoid encountering the flaw.

Apple admitted that an algorithmic error, which has been present in every model of the iPhone so far, has led to inaccurate measurement of signal strength, with reception levels sometimes shown as double their real values.

Many believe that the software update that Apple is developing will not be able to fix the problem and its persistence is the source of considerable anger amongst owners of the new mobile.

A petition has been launched by Apple customers in order to get a proper software fix or to demand free silicon cases which solve the problem in a relatively low-fi manner. Thus far, Apple has not managed to meet either of these requests.

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