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iPhone 4 battery booster launched

iPhone 4 battery booster launched

A new iPhone 4 case from manufacturer ExoLife promises to increase the battery life of the iPhone 4 by a significant degree, giving you even more time to play with Apple's latest smartphone.

The case weighs 59g and obviously adds to the thickness and bulk of the delightfully slim iPhone 4. However, many will see this as a necessary sacrifice if you want to get more than a day's usage from the phone.

The case is constructed from a polycarbonate material that is strong and durable and according to its manufacturer it will be able to extend the iPhone 4's usable battery life by 100 per cent.

This is impressive, although Apple has already made the iPhone 4 far easier to use over long periods thanks to its larger on-board battery.

The ExoLife iPhone 4 case is set to arrive at the end of this month and it will cost around £60.

Presumably the case will also solve the antenna issues by separating the user's fingers from the rim by a few millimetres, which will be an added bonus.

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