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iPhone 4 combusts in user's hands

iPhone 4 combusts in user's hands

An iPhone 4 user had the odd experience of being burnt by his new smartphone after the device burst into flames, injuring his hands.

The event occurred when the user was plugging in the phone to charge using the USB cable, at which point flames appeared from the area around the connection and caused the injuries.

There have been rumours in the past about Apple devices spontaneously combusting and an investigation into the matter has been conducted in Europe.

Images of the iPhone 4 and the USB cable in the aftermath of the incident were published online by Boy Genius Report and it is clear that the USB cable and the base of the phone have been disfigured as the result of intense heat.

The fault allegedly lies with the USB cable itself, rather than with Apple's new smartphone and it seems that no other users have reported similar incidents, so the recurrence of such a bizarre event is not deemed to be likely.

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