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iPhone 4 leak debacle concluded

iPhone 4 leak debacle concluded

After the search warrant against Gizmodo editor Jason Chen was withdrawn, it is claimed that an end to the controversy surrounding the site's purchase and analysis of a prototype iPhone 4 has come.

Gizmodo paid £3270 for a pre-release iPhone 4 which an Apple engineer left in a Californian drinking establishment and the site went on the enrage the manufacturer of the smartphone by giving an in depth preview which was viewed by millions online.

Apple contacted the authorities, after which Mr Chen's home was raided, with computers and hard drives confiscated.

He then refused to give police access to several encrypted devices which had been confiscated, but last week he changed his mind, only for the items to be returned and the search warrant dropped.

Apple was heavily criticised by observers who believed that it was infringing on the right for journalists to report, but others said that Gizmodo had acted unlawfully by purchasing the device which they knew to belong to another party.

Mr Chan was never charged with any offence and this retraction of the search warrant is widely held to imply that no further action will be taken against him or his website.

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