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iPhone 4 sales hit 3M

iPhone 4 sales hit 3M

Apple has managed to sell three million units of its brand new smartphone in just 21 days, setting a new record for the fastest-selling handset ever.

The figure equates to 150,000 iPhone 4 unit sales daily, including those that were pre-ordered, and has been attained despite the fact that the mobile phone was only available in a limited number of territories worldwide and the iPhone 4's widely reported reception problems.

Apple has now said that it hopes to sell 10 million iPhone 4s before the end of 2010. To reach this target it only has to bag 30,000 new customers every day, which is looking to be an attainable goal once the total number of countries in which the phone is available reaches the planned 18.

In March this year, industry analyst Scott Craig forecast sales of 55 million iPhone 4s in 2011, as global availability of the handset spreads.

Last week, Apple's market value slid £6.2 billion amid fears that issues with its new mobile's antenna would hit sales and damage the company's brand.

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