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iPhone iOS version 4.0.1 launched

iPhone iOS version 4.0.1 launched

To address criticism of the iPhone 4 in relation to poor antenna performance during normal usage, Apple has released iOS 4.0.1, which brings with it some minor changes and claims of a solution.

Apple discovered a fault within one of the platform's algorithms which means that signal strength was not always accurately displayed on any iPhone.

iOS 4.0.1 is said to have tweaked and patched this problem, but the most obvious change is that the bars indicating signal strength are now larger than before.

Putting all of the iPhone 4's issues down to display accuracy has meant that Apple has pinned all of its hopes on the fact that the iOS 4 update will satisfy critics and solve the problem.

However, many conspiracy theorists believe that Apple is masking the truth with the update while the real issue lies with the iPhone 4's hardware, something that cannot be easily fixed without a recall of the millions of mobiles it has already sold.

Observers have noted that Apple's release notes that are attached to iOS 4 mention nothing of improving the signal strength, but simply identify that few alterations have been made other than increasing the on-screen size of the bars and the relationship between the displayed signal strength and the underlying calculations used to determine it.

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