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iPhone users satisfied with their smartphones

iPhone users satisfied with their smartphones

Given the spate of adverse reviews and recent reports relating to alleged reception issues with the iPhone 4, it is perhaps surprising to hear that a survey has identified iPhone user as "very satisfied" with their handsets.

According to a study conducted by ChangeWave Research between 14th June through to 24th June, 73 per cent of iPhone users expressed positive reactions.

This data, however, becomes more understandable when the iPhone launch date of 24th June is factored in. The sentiments pre-date the reception issues surrounding the iPhone 4.

Nonetheless, they make for interesting reading, acting as a barometer for Apple performance and brand loyalty versus that of the competition up to that point.

In contrast, 39 per cent of HTC customers were "very satisfied"; Palm and Motorola both attained 34 per cent; and LG stood at 31 per cent.

The news for Research in Motion (RIM) was grim with its 30 per cent representing a significant fall from grace. Finnish giant Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson all languished at the bottom of the tables.

The survey concluded that 52 per cent of those aiming to purchase a smartphone wanted an iPhone; a 21 per cent increase year on year.

Whilst timing is everything and there is little doubt that the results would be significantly different were ChangeWave to analyse the market today, they serve to demonstrate the level of goodwill towards the Apple brand.

Whatever the next few days may bring for the iPhone 4 community and its manufacturer, this track record and market acceptance confirm that Apple is a force to be reckoned with.

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