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  5. New MOG streaming app lands on iPhone

New MOG streaming app lands on iPhone

New MOG streaming app lands on iPhone

Mobile music streaming is being brought to both the iPhone and Android platforms by MOG, a US firm which has been working on the apps for some time.

The main cause for the delayed launch has apparently been caused by Apple, which took its time about approving the app for launch via the App Store.

MOG is ostensibly similar to Spotify, with users able to listen to their favourite music via both 3G and Wi-Fi connections, along with the option to store songs on their smartphone's memory for entertainment when no network connection is available.

MOG's unique spin on the formula is that it allows users to generate their own virtual radio station that is centred around their favourite artist and can be opened up to mix in other bands depending on how they position an intuitive slider bar on-screen.

Subscription to the service costs around £6.60 if you want to access it on both your mobile phone and desktop PC, which is twice as much as the PC-only version which costs £3.30 each month.

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