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Paul the octopus iPhone app lands

Paul the octopus iPhone app lands

Paul the Octopus was made famous by predicting Germany's winning streak and eventual loss at the 2010 World Cup and now iPhone users can harness a virtual version of him for daily decisions.

The Ask the Octopus app is not a genuine item approved by Paul, insofar as an octopus can reasonably be expected to endorse anything, but it is undeniably a cheap and amusing addition to the App Store.

Paul's astonishing run of predictions, which even extended to guessing that Spain would conquer the Netherlands in the final, gained him a global following.

It is likely that the virtual incarnation of the eight-legged oracle will help many to decide everything from which cereal to eat in the morning to which team they should back at the 2014 World Cup.

The advertising for the app stays suitably vague so as not to claim that the algorithms are actually psychic, claiming that the octopus can only 'guess' the future, which is subtly different from 'knowing' the future.

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