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  5. Apple to counter iPhone jailbreaking exploit

Apple to counter iPhone jailbreaking exploit

Apple to counter iPhone jailbreaking exploit

Since the legalisation of “jailbreaking” iPhones across the pond, a flood of attention has been placed on the serious security hole that enabled the process in the first place, but Apple said a fix is on the way.

All of Apple's devices based on a variant of the iOS operating system, which includes the iPhone along with the iPad and iPod Touch, are currently vulnerable in a way that allows users to install unauthorised software on them.

However, the flaw has raised fears that malicious coders looking to steal data from iPhones could employ similar techniques.

The exploit preys on the fact that the iPhone's native web browser will automatically open any PDF document at which it is pointed, allowing hackers to embed code into the file which can crack open the multiple layers of security once a foothold within the device is established.

Security expert Charlie Miller said in an interview with CNET: "Basically, the way the iPhone is made to be secure is through several layers of defence, so even if someone were to compromise your web browser, it limits what they can do."

He explained that jailbreaking could override the iPhone's defences once the PDF exploit was complete.

Apple has been quick to confirm that a fix for the issue is already being worked on, but it has kept quiet over just when it will actually release the update containing the fix.

Until then, the iPhone and other iOS devices remain vulnerable to attacks.

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