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Flash now available on iPhone

Flash now available on iPhone

A new app for jailbroken iPhones allows users to view Flash content on the device despite the absence of native support of Adobe’s popular multimedia platform.

The same hacker who brought you the popular ‘JailbreakMe’ tool is also behind the creation of this app, called ‘Frash’.

The current version of the Frash is compatible with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, provided the latter has iOS 4 installed and users are willing to void their warranties and potentially risk bricking their smartphones.

The app also reported to be working on the iPad and certain iPod Touch models.

At the moment it seems that Flash-based advertising is the only compatible content, with videos and games still unavailable via the Safari browser.

However, the app is still in alpha stage and more functionality should become available as time progresses.

Apple came under fire when it announced that it would be ousting any kind of Flash compatibility from the iPhone and its stable mates, which includes the iPad. The smartphone maker has put its full weight behind the upcoming HTML5 alternative to Flash.

It is unlikely that Frash will have any impact on the ongoing feud between the companies over the exclusion of Flash support on Apple’s premier smartphone.

Although jailbreaking an iPhone is not a mainstream activity, it has become far more popular thanks in part to stable, trustworthy tools becoming available and a US ruling last month, which deemed the act perfectly legal.

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