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  5. iPhone 4 orders hit 130,000 in S. Korea

iPhone 4 orders hit 130,000 in S. Korea

iPhone 4 orders hit 130,000 in S. Korea

As the iPhone 4 is prepared for launch in South Korea almost two months after it first arrived in the UK, the popularity of Apple's mobile is far from abating, with 130,000 pre-orders recorded.

It took less than a day for these orders to be placed and it looks as though the Samsung Galaxy S' brief reign as the most popular smartphone in the country is set to end when the iPhone 4 arrives.

"We will make utmost efforts for the launch and delivery of the new model," said a spokesperson for local network provider KT, which will be releasing the device in South Korea.

The interest in the iPhone 4 was so intense that those attempting to make pre-orders converged in high enough numbers to crash the carrier's website.

The first iPhone model to hit the South Korean market was the iPhone 3G S back at the end of 2009. This only attracted total pre-orders of 14,500 in the first 24 hours and sales thus far have not reached the million mark.

Samsung's Galaxy S has sold to over 800,000 South Korean consumers in the two months since its launch and thus the iPhone 4 has a lot of catching up to do, but with pre-orders looking this strong it might be Apple's race to lose.

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