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iPhone gets Top Gun game sequel

iPhone gets Top Gun game sequel

Frenetic flying action is arriving on the iPhone once more as Top Gun 2 is released, bringing with it a selection of new features and tweaked gameplay that ensures it surpasses the original.

Feel the need for speed? Check out Top Gun 2 in action in the clip below

The developer has added a number of different fighter jets to Top Gun 2's hangar and each has a slightly different set of capabilities. The F/A-18 can defend itself better than the alternatives, whilst the F-16 has high powered, wide area destruction provided by the Missile Barrage attack.

"Following the success of the original Top Gun app, we wanted to offer fans another opportunity to fly into the danger zone. In Top Gun 2, Freeverse built on the best qualities of Top Gun and added new content, better controls, more action and higher quality graphics to create the fastest, most exciting jet fighting combat we could imagine," said Paramount Digital Entertainment's John Kavanagh.

Control of the fighters is handled using the iPhone's accelerometer for some motion-sensitive interactivity. This makes it feel intuitive and easy to pick up, but adds a greater degree of challenge for those who are veterans of the first title.

True to the 80s movie classic upon which this app is based, you also get a soundtrack from the power rockers who contributed to the score of the original film.

Interestingly, Top Gun 2 is available free of charge in the form of an update for anyone who purchased the original app. This means that some of the improvements are retrospectively applied to the first game and iOS 4 compatibility has been added.

Top Gun 2 will cost around £2 during an initial period of promotional price reduction, rising to £2.60 at a later date.

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