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  5. iPhone Rage game 'won't be a straight port'

iPhone Rage game 'won't be a straight port'

iPhone Rage game 'won't be a straight port'

Rage on the iPhone will be a radically different game to other editions and could feature peripheral characters from the console versions in starring roles, it has been revealed.

id Software founder Tim Willits told that the iPhone game is set to be an "additive" to the home console iterations rather than a straight port or slimmed down version.

Mr Willits also disclosed that his firm is looking to "use other platforms to do prequels, or [to play as] other characters" within the Rage universe.

The arrival of Rage on the iPhone is significant for a number of reasons and this new revelation adds to the previous confirmation that two different games set in the same gaming universe and using the same engine will be released within the next 12 months.

The back catalogue of id Software is littered with classics including Doom and Quake, but it has not produced an original title for almost a decade and a half.

A tech demo of Rage running on an iPhone 4 was showcased during the Quakecon event by id's John Carmack and observers were impressed with the fact that the complex graphics were handled by Apple's smartphone at a solid 60fps.

Carmack is a big supporter of the iPhone as a gaming platform and recently claimed that under his guidance it could "kill anything made on a previous generation console".

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