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Orange unveils free iPhone 4 deal

Orange unveils free iPhone 4 deal

Orange has decided to undercut many of its rivals and offer the new iPhone 4 on a pay monthly contract with no upfront charge to pay for Apple's killer smartphone.

If you are willing to spend £50 every month then the iPhone 4 will arrive cost-free, which means that the £75 charge levelled on Orange's next best offering will be offset over the course of the new deal.

For the £50, you will have 1200 inclusive minutes, as many texts as you can send and 500MB of mobile data access to enjoy. You will end up paying £1200 for the deal once the 24 month minimum term has been reached.

The carrier has also announced that it will be making its mobile tariffs more flexible by giving users the option to swap out voice minutes for data usage and vice versa, although frequent Wi-Fi users may be less happy to hear that a 750MB limit has been placed on those connecting via the BT Openzone hotspots on an Orange mobile.

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