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  5. Vodafone launching Android 2.2 on Desire today

Vodafone launching Android 2.2 on Desire today

Vodafone launching Android 2.2 on Desire today

Vodafone has officially confirmed that Android 2.2 will finally arrive on the HTC Desire smartphones owned by its customers today (August 23rd).

"The Android 2.2 update for HTC Desire will start to be available to Vodafone customers from Monday 23 August," said the firm in an emphatic post on its official forums.

Android 2.2 will be beamed out to Desire users over Vodafone's networks today, bringing an end to the debacle of the 360 Services that Vodafone rolled out recently, much to the annoyance of its customers.

"Our priority has been to make sure that the software does what we said it will do. This meant testing took a little longer than anticipated," the firm explained in a statement.

If today's launch goes as planned then Vodafone will be amongst the first network providers in the EU to finalise an Android 2.2 update for the popular HTC Desire.

Any HTC Desire-owning Vodafone customer will have to await a message from the provider telling them that they can download the update. It is believed that there will still be a 14 day roll-out period, which means some will have to wait a little longer.

Because of the Vodafone 360 problems, the provider has been forced to produce two separate Android 2.2 updates.

"Customers who still want to use Vodafone 360 services can visit the Android Marketplace, where a number of 360 apps are available. We will also be issuing an optional Vodafone 360 update for HTC Desire users at a later date," said the firm.

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