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iPhone Mirror's Edge on sale today

iPhone Mirror's Edge on sale today

Parkour-based platforming fun has come to the iPhone today, with the arrival of the much-anticipated release of Mirror’s Edge on Apple smartphones.

Check out Mirror's Edge in action in the clip below

EA’s iPhone version of the title, which sold impressively across the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 formats, has been optimised for the fourth edition of the handset to take advantage of its natty super high density retina display and A4 processor.

The mobile version differs from its predecessors by swapping the first person perspective for 3D, side scrolling platform action over 14 stages.

For the uninitiated Mirror’s Edge, is set in a future dystopia in which players are charged with guiding the heroine Faith across the rooftops of beautifully rendered city – all the while taking out government agents with the temerity to get in her way.

At players’ disposal are a range of fancy moves, including kicks, gravity-defying leaps and, last buy very definitely not least, power slides.

iPhone 4 owners can pick up the game from the App Store now for a princely £2.99.

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