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iPhone Nike+ app revamped

iPhone Nike+ app revamped

The Nike+ running app has been updated for the iPhones and iPods, bringing with it a raft of smart new features for pavement pounders.

Chief among the new functions is support for GPS tracking via Google Maps for tracking the speed and distance of runs more efficiently. However, this function is only available to iPhone 4 users and owners of other Apple devices that pack iOS4 and GPS, such as the 3GS or the iPod Touch.

Owners of older phones still get a much improved experience, though, not least because they’ll no longer be required to wear trainers with an embedded sensor for the app to work.

They can also use the new ‘Challenge Me’ function, which awards runners a gold medal if they surpass a personal best on a particular route, and a pace tracker with colour coding for measuring pace throughout the course of a run.

The Nike+ app is available to buy now from the iPhone App Store for £1.19.

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