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  5. iPhone turns games console with Griffin dock

iPhone turns games console with Griffin dock

iPhone turns games console with Griffin dock

iPhone 4 owners can turn their smartphones into games consoles with a new bit of kit from Griffin.

Dubbed the PartyDock, the console/dock hybrid offers four physical wireless controllers for multi-player fun and can also be used to watch videos and view photos on the expansive screen.

When not in use as a games machine or media hub, the device functions as a charger – albeit one that’s a tad less wieldy than most.

Although ostensibly a pretty attractive add on, there are factors that are likely to mitigate against the PartyDock achieving widespread take up – not least of which is that it is solely compatible with the fourth iteration of the iPhone and the iPad.

More seriously, it will also only run games specifically created for it, so your library of existing iPhone titles will not be compatible without an update.

However, PartyDock’s release is undeniably another sign of the ongoing boom for mobile gaming, fostered by casual titles such as Angry Birds and Rolando.

Capitalising on the growing market is a key constituent part of Microsoft’s strategy for its forthcoming Windows Phone 7 platform, due to launch in October.

Some 60-odd games will be available from the day of release. Handsets running the operating system will also support cross platform gaming with the Xbox 360.

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